Ceiling Track Lighting as Modern Lamps in Futuristic Interior Design

There are some awesome ceiling track lighting ideas which can increase the room performance. They are applied in the some rooms like kitchen, living room, dining room and etc. Usually, this lamp style is applied into the kitchen. Now we will show you the appearance of the kitchens and the billiard room which apply this lamp design. There are many lamp styles here. If you love this lamp design, you can see them through these pictures here.
Here are the pictures of the rooms which apply this lamp model. See the kitchen. This kitchen applies kitchen ceiling track lighting. These are created with silver lampshade with stainless stick. Under this lamp is the black cabinet with glossy countertop. There are some colorful cafe chairs next to the cabinet. It is modern kitchen. They stand on the oak flooring. See the next kitchen. The lamp is designed with white lampshade. The cabinet is designed with black countertop. There are sink and faucet on this cabinet.
Then, the next kitchen is designed in simple concept. The wooden storage and wooden cabinet are applied in this kitchen. The cabinet is designed with white marble countertop. This cabinet is designed with double bowl sink and stainless faucet. In the drawer, you can put the books in that cabinet. These are standing above the oak flooring. Above the cabinet are the lamps. They are orange lampshades.
The next room is the billiard room. The billiard is designed with some furniture designs. The wooden billiard room stands in the middle of the room. Above the billiard are the glass lamp bulbs. There are some brown armchairs around this billiard. In front of the armchairs is the wooden table. There is fireplace in this room. This is designed by glass fireplace screen. This is one of drop ceiling track lighting models with great inspiration design.
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September 17, 2018

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